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Borno government to rehabilitate freed Chibok girls

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The Borno State Government says it will remain committed  to partner with the Federal Government in the full rehabilitation and the education of the 82 Chibok girls that have recently been freed.

Chibok girls
Chibok girls

Governor Kashim Shettima, who was reacting to the negotiation and release of the 82 abducted Chibok Schoolgirls in Maiduguri, said all Nigerians should cooperate with federal experts, who would have the task of counseling and rehabilitating the girls.

The Borno State Governor said the full rehabilitation of the girls was a collective priority, which the people should place first before any search for new insights.

The Borno State Governor said the freedom of these Chibok girls had renewed the government’s hope, as well as strengthened its faith in the commitment and capacity of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to continue to work for the freedom of the remaining girls, who were still in captivity.

He urged parents, whose daughters were not part of those freed, to keep hope alive and remain strong and prayerful.

Governor Shettima thanked ‎members of the local and international media for standing by the Chibok community and Borno State, while believing that all persons abducted by the insurgents will be freed.

He commended the commitment of the Buhari administration, as well as the international and local humanitarian partners, who were able to negotiate the release of the girls.

 “We must reaffirm our trust and confidence in the President and we must as Nigerians, thank God once again for giving us a leader that is sincere, a leader that is focused on his set goals and a leader that everyone believes he is very patriotic. Negotiations leading to the freedom of these girls could not have succeeded if Buhari lacked integrity.

The reason is because international actors, who helped in facilitating the negotiation, would certainly not have been involved if they had doubts about the integrity and sincerity of the President. It is also Buhari’s integrity that has made it possible for our gallant armed forces to be more equipped than ever and it is his integrity that has made countries in Africa, Europe and the United States to support Nigeria in the ongoing and so far, successful fight against the Boko Haram insurgents,” the Borno Governor said.

Governor Shettima also saluted the courage and efforts of the gallant military and members of the multi-national joint task force for freeing the 82 Chibok girls and in their progressive efforts to free Borno from insurgents.

“Of course, everyone recognize that it is the work of the military and multi-national joint task force and volunteers that have placed the Federal Government in position of strength to negotiate the freedom of our daughters and schoolgirls,” said Governor Shettima.

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