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Sanitary Towels : Local Brands Tackles Foreign Dominance

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Image result for Sanitary Towels : Local Brands Tackles Foreign DominanceLocal sanitary pad producers are beginning to re-strategize by adopting new marketing approach to tackle influx of foreign sanitary pads, prompting re-alignment of their route-to-market strategies, introduction of price adjustments and product innovation.

As was published in VON,  the local sanitary pad producers are also jostling for market share through the introduction of various marketing tools designed to win consumers’ loyalty.

The local producers have also made additional investments to expand their infrastructure in order to increase production capacity in anticipation of increased market share.

They have also embarked on direct marketing approaches involving market and street storming campaigns to reach their target audiences among other factors.

The other factors adopted by the local producers are aggressive promotions, for example, raffle draws to win tickets to cinemas or eateries, additional product for buying a certain number; buy two and get one free.

Another factor is the various initiatives taken by local producers to increase awareness about the benefits of using hygienic sanitary pads, as a result of rising education level.

The other factor adopted by local producers is price adjustments to meet consumers’ dwindling income bracket occasioned by economic contraction.

The Nigerian market has close to 35 sanitary pad brands jostling for market share nationwide.

While some have emerged top of the mind brands with national spread, some play at the regional level. Top contenders for market share are imported sanitary pad brands such as Virony, Kotex Ultra, Dr Brown’s, Lady Sept, Soft care, Sally and others.

While top contenders for the locals are, Always, Diva, Lady Care, Safe, Comfit, Ultrex, Lady Soft and others Vanguard Companies and Markets (C&M) findings show that the sanitary pad market seems to have been fragmented by the entrant of various local sanitary pad brands like Diva, Lady Soft and Lady Care which opened up the market, thus breaking the monopoly earlier enjoyed by Always sanitary pad.

This, C&M gathered has further put pressure on other market leaders like Lady Sept, Always, Lady care, Diva, Dr Brown’s and Ultrex who have promised not to compromise on quality, but rather improve and upgrade to tackle competition from local and foreign  brands.

Prices C&M findings showed that there has been price adjustment across the sanitary pads market, especially from the local brands occasioned by battle to control the market.

Prices at the Open and neighbourhood stores  have been low compared to the foreign brands, in exception of superstores where prices are fixed.

The high prices of foreign absorbents have however not deterred consumers, since the products are a necessity for the female folks, C&M observed.

Lady Care, just like Always Classic now sells for N300 to N350. Ultrex and Lady Soft now sell for N350 and N380 few months back respectively.

The foreign brands sell for between N350 and N2,000, which invariably means the locals are also confronting the foreign brands on price differentiation Consumers Comments C&M noted that product preference reflects a consumer’s desire to use a particular brand, even when there are equally priced and available alternatives.

More often than not, product preference indicates a desire to seek out a specific product, even when it requires paying more or expending more efforts to obtain it.

Manufacturer A top management of one of the local brands whose plant is located in Ogun state, who spoke on condition of anonymity said:

Euromonitor says the sanitary pad market is expected to reach a value of $26.7 billion by 2023, at a growth rate of 5.4 percent.

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