SON Collaborates With EDAN, IMAE, ANLCA To Eradicate Fake, Sub-Standard And Unbranded Products

Director General of the  Standard Organisation of Nigeria SON Barrister Osita Aboloma
The Director General of the  Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Barrister, Osita Aboloma had said that the game of SON operations has changed from business operators to facilitators.
Aboloma stated this while addresing the stakeholders yesterday at the SON head office, Lekki, Lagos.
The collaboration is in respect of fighting influx of the fake, unbranded and sub-standard products in our Nigerian markets

Aboloma noted that SON adopted this collaboration with the key stakeholders because SON alone cannot get rid of fake, unbranded and substandard products in our markets without the involvement of the stakeholders stating that working together will provide confidence among the users of the products in our markets through quality assurance and awareness among others.

The DG said, I want you people to be of quality vanguard in your areas of operations and as a selfregulatory practices.

He pointed out that the Electrical Dealers Association of Nigeria [EDAN]’s collaboration has been so wonderful and that the Chairman of the EDAN, Engineer Paul Okenwa, have even assured SON of more collaborations to come urging the International Market Association of Electronics (IMAE) to do same as well.

The Executive Chairman of the International Market Association of Electronics (IMAE), Alaba International Market, Lagos, Evangelist Paulinus Ugochukwu said that there is no way out than collaboration with SON to create more awareness of fake, unbranded and substandard products in our markets.

Evangelist Ugochukwu is also the Managing Director of Sound Prince (SP) International Company Limited. He said that Alaba International Market is the largest electronic market in Africa.

“We must work with SON to sanitized the Alaba market and bring it to international standard that will in turned bring more improvement on the infrastructural development in the market.

Also speaking during the collaboration meeting is the former Executive Chairman of the Association, IMAE, Chief Uche Ubochi; who stated that it seems electrical has taken over the affairs but Market is comprised of electrical and electronic.

Chief Ubochi therefore appealed to the director general to establish Desk in the electronic section of the market which will solve the fake, unbranded and substandard products in the market.

He further stated that major dealers in the market have branded products they sell adding that the person selling branded products are traceable. We know ourselves in the market, he added.

In response, Public Relation Officer of the IMAE, Mr Maduabuchukwu Adiukwu said “We have a by-law in the market that binds us. So, if a seller sells a product to anybody (buyer) and the person (buyer) finds out that the product is faulty, within 48 hours the person (buyer) should inform the seller about it, even if the person (buyer) is outside Lagos. When the person (buyer) returns it, you, the seller will have to fix it.

“Where you, the seller fail to do so, our unions mandate you, the seller to repair the item or change it for the customer. And if you (seller) refuse, we as an Association will lock up the sellers shop until he (seller) comply. This is to avoid giving the market a bad name because we get customers not just from Nigeria but also from Cotonou, Benin Republic and Ghana who buy from us to resell in their various countries.

“This is the biggest electronics/electrical items market in the whole of West Africa. Alaba International Market is still basking in the excitement of its 40th anniversary celebration.

He also said his department would concentrate on image building of the market to return it to its lost glory.

“Alaba use to be a market to reckon with but today, most people sees our market as a market where substandard products are sold and this is very bad assumption on the market where most reputable brands like Genesis, Polystar etc and they go outside to buy emanate from Alaba. So, we need to change that thinking”, he explained

During the meeting, both SON and the IMAE agreed to work together to eradicate Substandard, unbranded and fake products etc in Alaba market thereby improve the living standard of the people that uses the products.

The National, President of Association of Nigerian Licenced Custorm Agent (ANLCA), Iju, Tony Nwabunike said we make bold to say that you (SON) have set the pace for your successors to emulate and excel. Your immediate predecessor has done a good job which you build upon tremendously by raising the organization relevance through visible innovation in national consciousness. The maritime industry under the Buhari administration is in good hands and hopes are highly because the high degree of commitment by those driving the process is not in doubt.

Mr Nwabunike noted that our meeting with you (SON) today strengthens ANLCA’s constitutional backed position to contribute to National Growth and Economic Development. We seek to draw federal government attention through your very important office to some areas of interest of our members, the entire maritime industry and the country at large.

The ANLCA National President said we demand continuous compliance orientation, training and seminars of our members to help the organization goals and objectives. We are looking forward to continually support the government through all lawful means within our capacity, he added.

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