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International Women’s Day: PenOp Lifts Women To View Their Outstanding Contributions

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The Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria (PenOp) in a distinct day look across the CEO turf of the pension industry has put out an amazing commendation in commemoration of the International Women’s Day, by celebrating amazing female chief executives who dared to be different and a beacon to match a landing instrument of rare skill.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), PenOp, Oguche Agudah, in a statement noted: “In the pension Industry we celebrate our amazing female chief executives who inspire us all and model women in leadership who #ChooseToChallenge the status quo.”

Aguche remarked that the global financial services industry is seen as cut throat, competitive and demanding, and same applies to the asset management industry which is notorious for late nights, demanding budgets and consistent high performance. Nigeria he noted, fits squarely into this narrative and to get to the top and stay there, one has to be brilliant, well versed, able to hold their own and have excellent people and leadership qualities.

He explains that Nigeria’s pension industry by all standards is very competitive and like the cloud command and control intelligence, is constantly evolving, hence, to lead in this very competitive and evolving industry, one has to be dynamic and be able to joggle many competing priorities. He infers that the resolve to match global standards by the women CEOs is not up in the air but has made a landing. “So that’s why we celebrate our female Chief Executives who have braved the odds to continue to lead their organisations through these turbulent times,” he stated.

He maintained that by their strong leadership, they encourage other women to aspire to these positions; demystify the journey to the top in this industry and also, give others permission to succeed and, by this, spiral up development not only in the industry but global ascendency

Agudah said Nigeria’s pension industry celebrates all its constituents, but especially its women folk, stating that on this International Women’s Day, PenOp celebrates these phenomenal women and all other women who work in the Nigerian pension industry, as they inspire us to do better and be better.

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