NIMASA guarantees safety standards in oil, gas sector

Represented by the Head of Shipping Development Department, Akin Akinyosoye, he disclosed that the demand and supply equation are central to cost and price differentiation, thereby necessitating enhanced safety standards regulation.“Many national and international organisations including countries are revisiting and amending safety standards regulations to further strengthen the legal framework relating to ship and shore operations for the oil and gas sector. More importantly, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO’s) Marine Environment Protection Committee is reviewing measures to address issues not already covered by SOLAS, and to improve the supply chain on carriage of dangerous goods and hazardous substances,” he said.

Peterside maintained that NIMASA will diligently enforce safety standards relating to logistics involved in the oil and gas sector noting that incidents involving the sector tend to have devastating effects on the marine environment and inhabitants of coastal communities.

Meanwhile, the NIMASA helmsman also reiterated the Agency’s zero tolerance for all forms of criminality on the nation’s waterways through its partnership with the Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian Air Force, which he said has yielded so much result.

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