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NAFDAC Warns Nigerians Against Fake Covid-19 Vaccine

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National Agency for Food and Drug Administration, NAFDAC has warned  Nigerians against patronising fake Covid-19 vaccine being advertised on Social Media.

The NAFDAC director said the country is still at the level of discussion with the manufacturers of the vaccines around the world hence no vaccine manufacturer has applied for the testing of their vaccines .

NAFDAC DG,Professor Mojisola Adeyeye, warns Nigerians against patronising fake Covid-19 vaccine being advertised on Social Media @NafdacAgency @DrEOEhanire @DigiCommsNG @NphcdaNG @MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo

Safety Of COVID Vaccines  : What  NAFDAC Wants  The  Public To Know

 COVID Vaccines  In  Nigeria 
The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has not received any application from Covid Vaccine manufacturers yet and therefore no vaccines have been approved by NAFDAC. Covid-19 vaccines are new, and the side effects or adverse events must be well monitored, therefore, if NAFDAC does not approve, the public should not use.
Fake COVID Vaccines   
There are reports of fake vaccines in Nigeria. NAFDAC is pleading with the public to beware. No Covid Vaccines have been approved by NAFDAC. Fake vaccines can cause Covid-like illnesses or other serious diseases that could kill.
Unapproved  Ordering  Of  COVID Vaccines By Private  Companies  And Big  Corporations
Vaccines should not be ordered by any company or corporation. The companies that manufacture the vaccines if they are genuine companies know they have to submit their application to NAFDAC.
Government  Establishments  And  Agencies 
No government establishment or agencies should order Covid vaccines without confirming from NAFDAC if the vaccine has been approved.
However, NAFDAC is discussing with manufactures of candidate  COVID-19 vaccines concerning potential Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), registration or licensing of their product as the case may be. The Agency assures  applicants  that if Phase 3 clinical data are very convincing and robust with regards to safety and efficacy, and the vaccine has been submitted for WHO for Emergency Use Listing, NAFDAC will welcome the application for Emergency Use Authorisation in Nigeria.
Emergency  Use  Authorisation  And Licensing
NAFDAC will use “Reliance” or “Recognition” to expedite Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) for vaccines already approved by more matured regulatory authorities. The full dossier submitted by the manufacturer or Market Authorisation Holder (MAH) will be thoroughly reviewed by the Vaccine Committee that is made up of multiple Directorates in the Agency – Drug Registration and Regulatory Affairs, Drug Evaluation and Research, Pharmacovigilance and Post Marketing Surveillance, Drug, Biologics and Vaccines Laboratory Services.
Post -Marketing   Active   Pharmacovigilance  Or Phase  4 Clinical  Trial  
Safety of The Covid Vaccine Is Premium to NAFDAC This is why active pharmacovigilance is being used. Phase 4 pharmacovigilance is one of the core regulatory activities of the Agency. For COVID-19 vaccines, the Agency has been preparing for the COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination since the early phase of the pandemic – around April 2020. NAFDAC was positioned to a great extent to work online during the lockdown due to digitalization of many of our processes and continuous improvement.
Despite the use of Reliance for the EUA, NAFDAC will note clinical peculiarities in form of Serious or Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFIs) in the dossier or application as a guide and caution for what to look out for in each subject after immunization, i.e., during the active pharmacovigilance phase where monitoring of adverse events will be conducted. The Agency has been training her staff for this very important aspect of the immunization.
The Agency established COVID-19 Vaccine Committee that has been busy developing the guidelines and guidance. NAFDAC is the first National Regulatory Agency in Africa to have Guidance on Regulatory Preparedness for EUA, Licensing or Access to COVID-19 Vaccines.

NAFDAC is partnering with AU smart safety surveillance in the continent.

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