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NUAAE Disassociates Self From Suing Labour Ministry

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Nigeria Union of Agriculture and Allied Employees (NUAAE) has completely disassociated itself from taking the Ministry of Labour and Employment to National Industrial Court (NIC), over the union elective positions sharing formula.
Speaking in a statement made available to  journalists , the National Treasurer, NUAAE, Com. Obafemi Oyenubi, explained that before an issue that have to do with union  go to court, it must pass through the National Executive Council (NEC) of the union.
“There was no time the issue of taking the Ministry  of Labour and Employment to National Industrial Court was discussed in NEC and there is no reason to do that because the Ministry has been neutral in their deals with the union.  Rather we learnt that the former National President took the ministry to court because of a letter they wrote to the union. It is very important to note that , Com. Anchaver’s  tenure as the union National President ends and expired on January 16th, 2024, by so, he has no  right to sue anybody or organisation, on behalf of the union.
“Even, we learnt that, he is planning to conduct election for the union. Which is not possible because, as his tenure  ended, the union immediately set up transition committee in accordance of the union constitution, section 29, which  stipulated that committee should be in charge of the administration of the union within six months, include , to conduct election for the union and other activities,” he said.
He commended the Ministry for their support and involvement in settling issues in the union.
“The last letter the Ministry wrote to the union was on the  issue of sharing ratio of elective positions which has been lingering for 12 years , under the leadership of the former National President. The ministry has been intervening in order to maintain peace in the union.  In their letter, with theme, ‘Protracted crisis in NUAAE, it’s  stated that they are surprised that the elections for the various State Executive Committees have not been conducted in line with Memorandum of Understanding.
“This, in the view of the Ministry has contributed to the renewed crisis in your union. The letter signed by the Permanent Secretary for the Honourable Minister, instructed that the union ensure that the elections of the State Executive Committee for the various States are conducted within the next one month, bearing in mind the formula for the sharing of the elective positions as contained in the April 2019 agreement of ratio of 5:4, old Anchaver led by Agric union/Old Oyenubi led Agric Union. But  the former National President don’t allowed the implementation of the sharing formula agreed upon.  It was the implementation of the agreement the Ministry of Labour wrote to the union for it’s effective implementation. On that , the ex leader sued the Ministry of Labour that they don’t have power over them to implement on agreement they supervised.
“I and other executive members of the union don’t see any thing wrong or any reason to take the Ministry to court. Ministry that are very interested in the well being of our great union. We will visit the Ministry soon and explain the union development to them as well as withdraw the matter from the court,” he explained.
He noted that the unions, the Agricultural and Allied Employees Union of Nigeria (AAEUN) and  Agric and Allied Workers Union of Nigeria , merged to be known as Nigeria Union of Agriculture and Allied Employees (NUAAE).
“There are nine elective positions in the state council of the union and  if party A, elect 5 officers, the  other group will elect 4 officers.  We are in support of the letter written by the ministry, that we should complied  by the agreement signed in the sharing of the State Council elective positions. Which means, if old  AAEUN member is elected State chairman , old  AAWUN member will be the Vice Chairman, and so on,” he added.
“We also advised other ex leaders who have served the union and retired , to stop parading themselves as union members.  Because, they are  appropriating  the union funds for people who have no business with the union any more. The union is for people who are active in service and ones retired should give way. They should go home and contribute to the development of their hometowns, than parading themselves and creating confusion in the union.
He further advised  that if care is not taken and the union is not well  organized now,  the active members of the union wouldn’t have future as their funds will be misappropriated by the past leaders who are still parading themselves around.
He appealed to active members to partner with some of the sincere leaders who are fighting for the interest of the union, so that they will be able to build a new union to be proud of.
 “I am very happy that most members have seen our efforts in fighting for the emancipation of the union and it’s progress. In the new union, I want to assure workers  who don’t see any future in our great union before, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. They will smile at least and those that  retired without any dim from the union, should cheer up because good news is coming their way soon. The labour of the workers will never be in vain. They will enjoy the fruit of their labour. We will be able to sit down with our members in the plantations and fields,  public sector,  and private sector,  to discuss about their welfare”,  he assured.
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