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NAFDAC Smashes Illegal Alcohol Factory In Lagos

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Some of the fake products confiscated by the Agency.

The apprehended operators of the illegal alcohol factory

In its avowed determination to purge the country of fake and substandard products, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control NAFDAC has smashed the illegal activities of a manufacturer of alcohol drinks in Badagry, Lagos State.

NAFDAC enforcement officers, aided by intelligence from the Nigerian Army’s 15 Field Engineering Regiment in Badagry, dismantled the operations of Mr. Chinedu Okafor, an illegal drinks manufacturer operating from his residence at No. 24, MTN Road, Badagry.

According to a press statement by Sayo Akintola Resident Media Consultant NAFDAC ,   Mr. Okafor’s suspicious activities caught the attention of the Nigerian Army, leading to his arrest and subsequent handover to NAFDAC officers at the Ports Inspection Directorate, Seme Border.
Upon inspection, officers evacuated all equipment and materials used in the production of illicit drinks, and effectively shut down the illegal factory.
Investigations revealed that Mr. Okafor’s longstanding involvement in this criminal activity, which has potentially compromised regulated alcohol drinks in the Badagry area.
 NAFDAC emphasizes the need for public vigilance and urges citizens to report suspicious activities to safeguard public health. Mr. Okafor will face prosecution, and all offending products will be destroyed, with an estimated value exceeding fifty million naira (₦50,000,000).
Drinking adulterated alcohol can cause nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, drowsiness, and dizziness, blue tinged or pale skin, irregular or slow breathing, low body temperature, unconsciousness or passing out. It can also lead to kidney and liver failure or even DEATH. Methanol, a substance which can be used in fake vodka, may cause permanent blindness.
WHO, in their Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health estimated that more than three million people died all over the world as a result of alcohol poisoning.
Furthermore, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) ascertained that one of every 10 cancer cases in Nigeria can be traced to Alcohol and 4.7 percent of overall cancer cases in Nigeria in 2019 can be attributed to consumption of adulterated alcohol.
While urging Nigerians to remain vigilant, the agency is also tasking consumers to always scrutinize branded drinks to distinguish them from counterfeits before consuming them.
NAFDAC wishes to advise that members of the public should shine their eyes and think about the 4 Ps before buying of alcohol:
Place: Only buy only NAFDAC registered drinks from reputable and licenced retailers, bars and supermarkets.
Price: If the product is being sold well below its normal price, or doesnt seem to include normal taxes on liquors, then it is probably fake.
Packaging: Check for poor quality packaging, spelling mistakes and unusually shaped bottles. Look for the contact information and address of the manufacturer. If it is missing, the alcohol is fake.
 Inspect the seal on the bottle. If the seal is broken or damaged, then the contents might have been interfered with and are not safe to drink.
Check for fake bar codes. If you have an app on your mobile that scans bar codes, scan it and see if its listed as the correct product.
Product: Beware of bad smells! If it smells like paint stripper or nail polish remover, then it probably is!
The DG, Prof Mojisola Adeyeye reiterated that NAFDAC will continue to ensure that the level of counterfeit products nationwide is brought to the nearest minimum so that our people will continue to consume only healthy and safe products.
The public is enjoined to report any suspicious activity of illegal producers of adulterated products or similar activities to the nearest NAFDAC office nationwide.
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